Electronic Cigarettes Now with Variable Voltage ECig Mod from LeCig

logo.pngECigarette provider LeCig today announced the addition of new VariVolt variable voltage cigarette which not only enables users to adjust the amount of flavor of their electronic cigarette using a simple voltage control.

“The VariVolt is unique because it allows the user to set their own level of flavor and voltage,” stated Mike Elias, CEO. “It’s a great electronic cigarette mod because it’s designed to accept any 510 tank and we designed it ‘flat’ to eliminate the rolling off the table factor.”

VariVolt works with any 510 tank and components and e cig mod users can choose from over 40 different e liquid flavors, both imported and US made that LeCig provides at http://www.lecig.com.

“I have tried the other vari volt too and was very turned off by the size- this one is just the right size- and doesnt roll off desk!,” said LeCig e cigarette enthusiast Amy Wilson of Longview, Texas.

The LeCig Vari Volt electronic cigarette mod allows users to adjust flavor and intake by changing the voltage up or down according to their preferences. Up for more flavor, down to extend the cost savings of e cigarettes.

LeCig offers electronic cigarette products and tobacco alternatives to both the novice and experienced e-cigarette enthusiast along with a 30 day money back guarantee. The benefits of LeCig’s e cigarettes include:

- No tobacco — which means no tar, carbon monoxide, or ash.
- Savings for the average smoker of over $1,000 per year
- No more second hand smoke or having to go outside
- E Cig users can get the same amount of nicotine as a regular cigarette, and reduce that amount they are trying to cut down
- A cartridge costs less than $2 and is about the same as an entire pack of cigarettes.
- No more “You Smell Like a Dirty Ashtray”
- Le Cig has a variety of different e liquid and cartridge flavors
- FREE SHIPPING in the United States

The electronic cigarette industry is expected to grow to over $1 Billion in 2013 as millions of tobacco smokers make the switch to electronic cigarettes.

“Our customers find that our e cigarettes provide them a smokeless alternative to tobacco when they are out and about, as well as help them reduce the cost of smoking over the long term”, commented Elias.